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Are you or a loved one navigating the complex legal landscapes of Elder Law, protections for adults with a disability against possible exploitation or other neglect, Probate Administration or Litigation, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Trust Administration or questions about your role as a Fiduciary?



With decades of experience our passion lies in providing comprehensive legal guidance to seniors or adults with a disability, their families, individuals and professionals serving in fiduciary roles, and those who find themselves embroiled in litigation over the estates of their loved ones.

We have deep roots in our community and work hand in hand with other professionals to ensure our clients have the best legal representation, in addition to the other resources that are essential to providing a full spectrum of services to fit your needs.

Why should you choose our law firm? Simply put, we want to help you achieve your goals and know how to do so. At most law firms, elder law, probate and estate administration, and probate litigation are only a small part of the practice, if handled by the firm at all. At Conover Law, LLC, elder law, probate and estate administration, and probate litigation are our practice. Our firm offers the combined experience of Tammy Conover, Scott Challinor, and Nick McWharter. Conover Law, LLC provides informed, experienced, and committed representation.

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