Elder Law

Elder Law is a broad term that encompasses many legal issues that may affect older individuals including matters such as estate planning, health and long term care needs and advocacy, advanced directives such as powers of attorney, guardianship, conservatorship, or assistance with planning for and obtaining needed care benefits.

Unfortunately, elder abuse is a distressing and increasing concern within our aging population.  These concerns can include physical, emotional or financial neglect, mistreatment and exploitation within this population.  These actions can occur from family members, caregivers, friends, neighbors, or even strangers that immerse themselves into the life of a vulnerable individual.  These concerns can also include self-neglect and a failure to provide for the needs of a spouse due to an individual’s own limitations.

Signs of these abuses may include isolation, changes in financial or other spending patterns, continued changes in medical or other health care providers, or changes in estate planning or power of attorney designations.  These abuses can occur through undue influence over the individual, isolation, intimidation, deception, or outright theft.  When there is suspected abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult there are a range of protections that may be necessary which can include guardianship and conservatorship or other court interventions, investigation and changes in the individuals providing care, or law enforcement intervention.

If you suspect there is abuse or neglect is occurring, the attorneys at Conover Law have decades of experience to guide you through the complex processes of protecting and ensuring the safety of your loved ones.